European Advertising Certificate


The European Advertising Certificate (IPA FOis an online foundation course which aims to enhance the knowledge of young professionals in the commercial communications industry. Successful participants will be rewarded with a Certificate.

Learners can access the content through a brand new and interactive platform. Exceptionally this year, EACA will be piloting the UK Foundation Certificate in association with the IPA.

The next edition will be launched in January 2019. 



The online programme consists of 7 learning paths or modules. The qualification comprises of 35 hours of online learning.

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There is a 3 hour offline exam at the end of the course. Please note that the exam in Ireland is 2 hours.

You will need to answer 5 out of 10 questions in essay style in English.

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For EACA members within Europe: Learning + exam for 280 EUR (+VAT as appropriate).

For EACA non-members: Learning and exam for 560 EUR (+VAT as appropriate).

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Distinction awarded participants in 2018


Ryan Reid, Account Executive at Carat Ireland

I would highly recommend The European Advertising Certificate to anyone new to the world of advertising. The course is easy to follow and engaging and provides you with great theoretical and practical foundations for which you can begin to build a successful career in advertising upon. Not only was it relevant for my own field of media planning but has also given me a great insight into the advertising industry as a whole, where our industry has come from, how it has evolved and where it is potentially going.

Tara Kenaan, Communications Executive at Wavemaker Global, Ireland

I took the EAC exam after being in the industry for less than a year. I’ve learned so much through experience and from my colleagues as an account executive but the EAC exam put many of these learnings into context. It gave me a greater insight into the theories and fundamentals behind media planning and why we do what we do.  The case studies brought these theories to life and gave me a better understanding of implementing these practises and achieving highly effective campaigns

Joanna Mouradian, Client Service Executive at Telia & Pavla BBDO, Cyprus

Being a part of the advertising world for only 6 months, I believe the EAC/IPA Foundation Certificate is the perfect starting tool for a young professional just like myself, and I definitely recommend this program. The learning programme is very user-friendly and offers a variety of learning tools. In my opinion, the web videos and podcasts were the most effective and the fact that I had the opportunity to learn from professionals within the industry was very aspiring. Learning about the future and evolution of our industry was the most fascinating part for me.

Jamie Rowe, Search and Social Account Manager, Ireland

I work on the Search and Social team in PHD but as an agency we pride ourselves on being integrated across all disciplines, so management encourage every team member to have a wider understanding of the media and marketing landscape, which is why I signed up to the course in the first place. Being a specialist can make the areas you *don’t* specialise in a little scary, but the EAC offers an extensive foundation of knowledge across all of the different areas you run into while working in advertising. In an industry that is becoming more and more segmented and specialised, integration and a holistic approach are more important than ever. Having an opinion and perspective on each aspect of advertising and how it relates to your own field is invaluable to clients, no matter what your role is. The EAC to is a fantastic starting point to gaining such an understanding and there is no better place to start building your knowledge and understanding.

Dorien Draps, Account Executive, Kunstmaan, Belgium

Once you’ve left the life as a student behind, it takes a lot of motivation to dive back into your books. It’s even more difficult if you have to combine it with your job. Luckily, taking this course is more than worth it. And thanks to the interactive e-learning tool, the thought of books was far gone. Having a background in the events industry, the advertising world was completely new to me. The course gave me an introduction to the history, the present and the future of agencies and advertising. It also helped me to gain insight in my daily job as an account and offered tips and tricks to better understand my agency colleagues working in other disciplines. I’d recommend it to everyone new in the industry!

Bébhinn O’Byrne, Programmatic Manager, Core, Ireland

The EAC exam is hugely beneficial in bringing all strands of advertising together in one place. As this industry is fast paced and ever changing, I would highly recommend this course as a good base to anyone who is at the beginning of their advertising career. The course itself includes relevant case studies and day-to-day practical examples which are easily applied to one’s own role within the industry. Each module gives you an in-depth view of how the whole business works together. It is a good way keep you up to date with advertising, as there is always something new to learn.

Konstantina Georgouli, Assistant Media Planner, Initiative, Greece

If you are looking to leave your mark and make a difference, grab any chance you get on your way to succeed and make people believe in you. The EAC certificate was definitely  a chance on my way. I’ve learned a lot about all pillars in the Marketing Industry and I had the chance to enhance my academic background around all aspects of my work in advertising and media planning. Whatever happens around you, do your best and make people proud of you.


Anna Lovatt, Account Manager, Carat, Ireland

I would definitely recommend the European Advertising Certificate course to any new starters in the industry. The course content is wide-ranging and  gives a 360 perspective of the industry including the theories and fundamentals that underpin it which is essential for any one setting out on their career in advertising. Being able to access all of the course content on mobile was really beneficial.

Alenna Schneider, Media Associate, Core, Ireland

While I have taken other Marketing courses, I have never taken one quite like the EAC. It is a foundational course that provides an insightful overview of both the theories and practices that underpin our industry. The EAC’s focus on effectiveness has altered how I approach my client work, and the overviews of the different processes that help us function as marketers, no matter what role we take on, has helped me to work, communicate, and collaborate better with my peers.  As marketers, no matter, what aspect of the industry we specialise in, we should never stop learning – and the EAC is a great place to start!

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Based on the proven IPA Foundation Certificate, the programme was specifically developed for a European audience with the aid of the European Commission’s Leonardo programme. The programme focuses on vocational education and training, and addresses both the learning and teaching needs in the sector. It is therefore aimed at all parties involved, namely trainees in vocational education, teachers and trainers, institutions and educational bodies, enterprises, associations, social partners and bodies relating to either lifelong learning or the labour market.