European Advertising Certificate


The European Advertising Certificate is an online foundation course which aims to enhance the knowledge of young professionals in the commercial communications industry. Successful participants will be rewarded with a Certificate.

Learners can access the content through a brand new and interactive platform. Exceptionally this year, EACA will be piloting the UK Foundation Certificate in association with the IPA.

Registrations are now closed for the 2018 edition. Results will be announced on 25 June 2018.



The online programme consists of 7 learning paths or modules. The qualification comprises of 35 hours of online learning.

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There is a 3 hour offline exam at the end of the course. Please note that the exam in Ireland is 2 hours.

You will need to answer 5 out of 10 questions in essay style in English.

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For EACA members within Europe: Learning + exam for 280 EUR (+VAT as appropriate).

For EACA non-members: Learning and exam for 560 EUR (+VAT as appropriate).

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Distinction awarded participants in 2017

Ciara O'Connor, Account Executive at Mindshare Ireland

The EAC is extremely beneficial in gaining an understanding of how each arm of the industry works. This breadth of knowledge is important in our industry as it helps build and maintain working relationships; understanding the different kinds of pressure that a client may be under in the larger marketing arena can help shape presentations and even strategies. For both creative and media agencies, gaining that insight into how each operates and the different processes involves helps each other to create an effective campaign. This is the real advantage that this course has over any other.

Elanie Gillespie, Strategic Planner at Irish International

I would really recommend this course to anyone who is in the first few years of their advertising career. As the industry is so fast paced and there are so many moving parts it can be hard to feel as though you have a full grasp of what is going on around you. The course content was useful for me in understanding not only more about my own role as a strategic planner but of all other disciplines in my agency. This course has given me confidence in my role and a bank of information that I call use when needed.

Greta Sulcaite, Communications Manager at MEC

I have worked on the digital side in a media agency for most of my career, with the industry moving towards a more integrated approach the European Advertising Certificate course helped me to wider my knowledge and understanding of the overall advertising industry. Course material such as Storytelling and Behaviour Economics will definitely open up your mindset and provide insights which you can apply to your job.  In addition, it was great to listen to different opinions from advertising professionals around the world and implement these learnings into everyday life. I would highly recommend this course not only to those starting out in the industry, but also to those who are keen to learn more about different theories and fundamentals of advertising.

Jorge Hernández, Project Manager Bonsabor Group, Spain

Obtaining the European Advertising Certificate has been a nurturing and enlightening experience. For a person like me who comes from the world of communication and business has served as an orientation to the major issues and key topics that are working right now in the advertising industry. The contents are completely updated and adapted to the reality and the most avant-garde concepts in advertising and communication. I think it is worth making the effort and using the European Advertising Certificate as a plus in your career in an important moment like the one we are living right now in which all the major professions in Europe are reorganizing and adapting to an international frame of reference.

Kevin Murphy, Account Executive at MAXUS

Having studied a B.Sc. in Marketing, my knowledge of the adverting industry was limited and undefined. The EAC exam offers you comprehensive overview of the different processes, standards and best practices relevant to advertising. The 7 learning modules are easily laid out and provide an insight into how different agencies work and interact with each other to ensure overall campaign success. The case studies, as told by industry professionals, really helps you apply this theory into practice. Undertaking the EAC exam has improved my capacity for research and helped me solve practical problems using creativity and resourcefulness in my every day job. I would highly recommend EAC for any young professionals starting out in this fast passed, diverse industry.

Maša Gregoric, Junior media planner at Pristop Media

Cooperation between departments in advertising is crucial. Even though we work in specific fields, either in copywriting, PR, media planning etc., we have to work together to provide best possible results for our clients. And too often we don’t know enough about other departments, especially when we are young and without much experience. EAC offers a broad overview of the whole industry and all their parts, explains the differences between them and how they all work by themselves and in co-dependence with others. This gives us enriching and valuable insight to make us even better at what we do.

Teresa Godinho, Digital Account, ARCWW, Portugal

My attendance in the course offered by EAC was very useful and enriching. From a digital creative agency perspective I truly believe there are still many situations which can be improved and this course will certainly allow me to do so. With such a competitive market it is important to be always up to date on what is happening and since I am working on digital markets this update is even more important. Going through several articles already developed by other professionals in this field was also very relevant, in the sense of realizing that we are not alone and that everything can be achieved with great results in this increasingly aggressive and competitive world of communication.

Eileen Murphy , Digital Account Executive, Ireland

The EAC course provides a rounded and detailed picture of the marketing and advertising industry as a whole. Coming from a media background, it was interesting to consider how other aspects of the industry work and how we all come together as agencies to achieve the best results for our clients. The case studies were particularly useful in applying the theory of the course to real brands, which in turn allowed me to apply these practices to my own work with my clients. I would highly recommend the course to anyone starting out as it provides a good foundation from which to build your career. 

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Based on the proven IPA Foundation Certificate, the programme was specifically developed for a European audience with the aid of the European Commission’s Leonardo programme. The programme focuses on vocational education and training, and addresses both the learning and teaching needs in the sector. It is therefore aimed at all parties involved, namely trainees in vocational education, teachers and trainers, institutions and educational bodies, enterprises, associations, social partners and bodies relating to either lifelong learning or the labour market.