A Day In The Life Of Copywriter

This month's podcast features Paul Crăciunescu, a Copywriter at Kaleidoscope Proximity, Bucharest. Paul tells the story of how he realised this was the path he wanted to take, how he ended up having his current job and what his daily tasks are.

If you click play, you will listen to a podcast full of advice and lessons learned by this passionate young professional.  

Who is Paul Crăciunescu?


Since I was a kid, I have always been attracted to just pick up the pen and write down whatever went through my head. I remember keeping a journal as an 8 year-old and writing my first ever poem.

Nothing fancy, just a few rhymes about my favorite season,  spring. I showed it to my primary school teacher and she didn’t even believe I made it myself! Since then, poetry has probably always been my biggest inspiration in writing.

Then, as I grew up, I realised I was more attracted to humanities subjects than sciences. Then advertising came up! Advertising is about people, about creativity, entertainment and you can actually make a living out of it.🙂 I thought, yeah, that’s definitely my field.