Istanbul Bilgi University

Founded in 1996, BILGI joined Laureate International Universities, the university network in the world, in 2006. Renowned for pioneering education in the fields of administrative sciences, humanities, communication and law, BILGI has founded the Faculty of Architecture in 2009, the Faculty of Engineering in 2010.

With its rich curriculum, BİLGİ Advertising Program aims to train students in various fields of advertising profession from strategy and copywriting to visual design and digital communication. Throughout their education, students work on several hands-on projects besides their theory based courses such as establishing their own advertising agencies, creating campaigns for real customers.

Moreover students choose Entrepreneurship, Experiencing the Field with a Mentor or Academic Writing track for graduation project and gain experience in production processes related to their interests of expertise. Theoretical courses are instructed by top notch academics. Practical courses are instructed by notable advertising professionals, which is an invaluable opportunity for students to collaborate and network with experts.

Gresi Sanje

Capture2Gresi, Associate Prof at Istanbul Bilgi University, has expertise and knowledge predominantly in the area of Branding and Marketing Communications. Besides her academic studies and publications, over the years, she has been giving workshops and consultancy services for Turkish brands in topics related to brand management. She is also actively working with associations such as UNDP Turkey, UNGC NY and Local Network, TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) etc. as lecturer and advisor on entrepreneurial marketing communication and branding.

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