how does ad venture work?

Create your team

Create your campaign

Did you know?

Create a team of maximum 4 people.

Take on the role of an account director, a planner, a creative or even a producer !



Your campaign submission consists of a case description and creative materials, which could be videos, photos, or even a presentation.

Have a look at the winning entry from last year to get a better idea of what you need to submit.

Please note that your team must have an academic adviser from your university or school to help you build your campaign.

Please note that all campaigns must be submitted in English

Please note that EACA has the right to use your campaign for educational and promotional purposes.

However, if the client likes your idea and would like to implement (some parts of) it, we will make sure to facilitate the conversation between both parties so that your team deserves all credit for its creative ideas and insightful thinking.