EACA Accreditation

The EACA Accreditation in Commercial Communications Education endorses specialist Bachelor and Master programmes that prepare students for a career in commercial communications.


What is EACA Accreditation and who can apply?

The accreditation is restricted to members of the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom). Each member has the right to apply for the accreditation of one or more courses in the field of commercial communications.

Depending on what their curriculum covers, applicants can be accredited either for the complete framework curriculum in Commercial Communications or for a specific sub-course or discipline.

The EACA Accreditation has been set up by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA), which promotes responsible advertising and high professional standards.

Please note that the edition of the academic year of 2016 - 2017 is a pilot version.


1Industry recognition for students and, thus, an introduction to the international communications job market.

2Evidence of highest teaching standards and comprehensive preparation of students for the  work environment.

3Good reputation of accredited edcom institutions which will result in more demand for its programmes.

4Annual sessions around edcom meetings to share experiences and exchange feedback on how to improve curricula.

5Publication of accredited schools on the EACA Inspire! website.

6Continuous development for academics from accredited institutions.

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Accreditation Board



The Accredication board is comprised of leading international professionals and educators.

The Board guarantees that all the accredited courses meet the EACA standards, wherever they may be and however diverse they might be.

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1. Submit application

2. Review by Board

3. Arrangement of school visit

4. Report reviewed by Board

5. Approval or rejection of application

Application Processing Fee
€ 500

Accreditation Fee
€ 1,500

Annual Accreditation Fee (including digital and printed certificates)
Fees starting from € 1,000

Accreditation Renewal
€ 1,500

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