IPA commercial certificate

The Commercial Certificate has been designed to give future industry leaders an education in agency finance, to help with those important client conversations and to build the understanding that you need to create great work that delivers a great profit.





The qualification compromises of 8 hours of online learning, culminating in a 30 minute online exam.

The qualification is primarily suitable for Senior Account Manager and Account Director level (or equivalent), but is essential for anyone who want to raise their commercial knowledge and get a better understanding of the commercial factors influencing agencies and clients.

The qualification is made up of seven sections:

1. Terminology - the language of finance
2. KPIs - the key numbers for agencies
3. Fees - how agencies are paid
4. Finance and Production
5. Contract elements
6. Finance and Media Agencies
7. Client P&L




Finance is an essential part of the business, and extremely important to clients. The Commercial certificates arms future leaders with the tools to understanding their agency finances.

The exam is open throughout the year and is taken after the learning has been completed. Please note that delegates must pass a mid-module quiz in order to unlock the exam.

For EACA members within Europe: learning and exam for 225 GBP (+VAT as appropriate).

For EACA members outside Europe and for non-members: learning and exam for 250 GBP (+VAT as appropriate).

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