IMCC Diploma

IMCC DiplomaThe IMMC Diploma (also known as the IPM International Diploma) will give candidates the basic foundation knowledge necessary to manage and coordinate Integrated Promotional Marketing.




Candidates will learn through an e-learning platform; completing a series of assignments and a set brief  in their own time over a period of 6 monhts

The IPM International Diploma is designed for agency and brand personnel involved in devising, developing and running Integrated Promotional campaigns to provide a solid platform on which to build experience and future learnings.

Candidates will complete 6 compulsory modules, a further 3 elective modules and a Set Brief.

Mandatory Modules are:

 1. The Role of Promotions in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
2. The Promotional Techniques
3. Legal & Compliance
4. Understanding Audiences & Channels
5. Strategic Thinking & Evaluation




The IPM International Diploma is considered to be the best possible grounding for those responsible for running promotions of any sort.

There is no exam, but the candidates should complete a series of assignments and a set brief. The course runs with an early submission of the first couple of modules to ensure candidates receive feedback before the completion of the remaining modules and set brief.

Enrolment: £1270 (+VAT)

Tutorial (optional): £160 (+VAT)

Immersion Day (optional): £160 (+VAT)

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