Don’t Take Statistics to a Story Fight: Mastering Neurochemically Active Storytelling


Peter Rudge & Emma Foster (HumanStory)






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Well-told stories have a unique power to move human beings to action. It’s a form of communication that connects on a deeper psychological level than the intellectual presentation of facts. And it’s a vital skill to master if you want to persuade, influence, sell and lead. The root of that power lies in the neurochemical responses induced in the human brain by a crafted, structured story. It’s an effect that works on all humans and across all cultures.

What are the objectives of this course?

The main objective is to understand the model and master the process to create high impact new story content and diagnose weakness in existing work.

Who is this course for?

This course is for advertising agencies, politicians, business leaders and artists.


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About Peter Rudge and Emma Foster:

Peter Rudge: Prior to HumanStory, Pete was the MD of documentary production company Duckrabbit and before that served in the British Diplomatic Service. He’s always been fascinated by the ability of individuals to change the outcome of high-stakes events with a powerful story.

Emma Foster: Before co-founding HumanStory, Emma built her career in creative agencies and technology start-ups working with global brands to develop motivated communities of interest around their proposition. Emma is a big believer in the unique power of story to capture the imagination, envision new possibilities and move people to act.