About our EACA Course Certification Label

What is it and who can apply?

The EACA Course Certification Label is designed to elevate the education and training opportunities offered by the membership, promote professionalism in our industry and enhance our members¬†and their networks’ visibility in the market. Whether you’re offering a yearly program or specific courses within the industry, this certification attests to your dedication to excellence.

If you are a member of EACA or are part of our members’ network (and you can prove that they endorse your experience), you are eligible for the EACA label for course certification.

The process is straightforward: download the application form on this page, fill in the relevant information and send it to us. Our Committee will let you know if they approve your application as soon as possible, and you can use the label to promote your courses and training.


  • Quality Assurance: Ensures courses meet industry-leading standards
  • Credibility: Enhances courses reputation and trustworthiness
  • Professional Trainers: Attracts qualified educators and fosters a positive learning environment
  • Increased visibility: EACA’s support as a European stakeholder in the industry is a differentiator compared to other courses in the sector

The EACA Course Certification Label is established by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA), the European voice of the agencies devoted to fostering responsible advertising and maintaining high professional standards.

The EACA Course Certification Label in a Nutshell

Label Board

The INSPIRE Committee, composed of international professionals from the advertising industry, ensures that all label-accredited courses meet EACA’s quality standards. 

Step by Step
  1. Download the submission file
  2. Check if your course matches the label criteria
  3. Submit your course
  4. Wait for the Board’s review
  5. Start using the label to promote your course if your request is approved
Submit your Course

Your certification process starts here! You will find here the submission file. Let us know more about your course by sending the complete file + a brochure of the course to Myriam Seda

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