Welcome to the edcom report 2016,
it’s been an exciting year for us!

Gresi Sanje

edcom President 2015–2017, Head of the Communications Management Department, Istanbul Bilgi University

“Throughout the past year, we have worked on creating a clear brand map for edcom and successfully defined its vision and core values for the next years to come from which the industry and all its stakeholders will greatly benefit. Looking at what we’ve achieved so far, it is with great confidence that we look towards the future of edcom.”

Dominic Lyle

Director General EACA

“It has truly been a great year for edcom: we have supported our members in the development and implementation of joint international workshops and projects, we have seen record participation rates for our student competitions and we have extended our growing membership with the adhesion of two new members. This can only mean more benefits and opportunities for edcom members, academics and students to grow and progress in our industry.”

Our year in numbers

edcom projects

Summer School


participants from
16 countries

Since its launch in 2010, 455 students from Europe and beyond have participated in the EACA International Advertising Summer School

Ad Venture


teams from
14 countries

Since its launch in 2008, over 2000 students from across Europe have participated in the Ad Venture Student Competition

Thesis Competition


entries from
12 countries

Since its launch in 2013, nearly 50 students have been shortlisted for the edcom Thesis Competition

edcom members meetings


Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels, Belgium
October 2015


NHTV University Breda, Netherlands
February 2016


College of Agora Zagreb, Croatia
May 2016

Social Media


followers on Twitter

252+ in 2016


likes on Facebook

142+ in 2016

New Members

Dublin Institute of Technology

Rosie Hand

At Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), our mission is to be at the leading edge of marketing communications and research in Ireland. We position ourselves as being close to industry and its practitioners and we value excellence and innovation in learning, teaching and research. For these reasons we are delighted to be part of the edcom family and look forward to collaborating with our fellow members in the future.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) has more than 25,000 students and 1,800 staff members who come from over 145 different countries. The vision and ambitions of THUAS evolve from the letters WIN, which stand for: World citizenship, Internationalization and Networking. We are confident that edcom will contribute positively to these aspirations. In particular, we are interested in expanding student and staff mobility and sharing experiences with our new colleagues from the edcom network.

Jantien Belt

Tim Hoppen

Our year in events


September 2015

25 September 2015

Launch of edcom Thesis Competition 2016

7 October 2015

Launch of Ad Venture Student competition 2016

October 2015

20–21 October 2015

EACA 2020 Vision
and Euro Effie Awards Gala

edcom meetings in Brussels

10 December 2015

Selection edcom Thesis Competition candidates

December 2015

18 January 2016

Launch EACA International Advertising Summer School

January 2016


February 2016

18–19 February 2016

edcom meetings and AGM

Announcement of edcom Thesis Competition winners in Breda

March 2016

2 March 2016

David Frew

21 April 2016

Announcement of Top 10 Ad Venture campaigns

April 2016

28 April 2016

Announcement of Top 3 Ad Venture campaigns

11 May 2016

Dan Mares

May 2016

19–20 May 2016

edcom meeting in Zagreb

Ad Venture Student Competition final in Zagreb

8 June 2016

Ronald Voorn

18 June 2016

Ad Venture winners attend Cannes Lions International Festival of Advertising

June 2016

July 2016

4–8 July 2016

EACA International Advertising Summer School in Berlin

Summer School

During one week, students and young professionals are guided through the world of advertising and commercial communications by industry professionals whilst working on developing a campaign for a real client in international teams.

The Summer School 2016 took place in Berlin

Inspired by these workshops delivered by leading industry professionals, the participants created a campaign in response to a brief they received from client Deutsche Telekom in co-operation with creative agency DDB Berlin. The challenge was to increase brand preference and brand advocacy by creating an emotional relationship with consumers that goes far beyond rational matters like products and prices.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the EACA for everything they’ve done this week. From the guest speakers they brought in to the workshops and networking activities put on for us, I’ve learnt skills that I couldn’t have got elsewhere (especially from Siobhan) that will no doubt put me in good stead going into my career. I would definitely recommend the summer school to anyone who is serious about advertising, those who want to meet like-minded, passionate people, and finally those determined to get that extra edge going forward.

Jack Goss, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom

We’ll definitely take back some of the ideas and out-of-the-box thinking that the participants have shared with us, especially considering that they came from our target audience, the millennials. The EACA International Advertising Summer School has truly been a wonderful experience and an opportunity to gain new insights, and that’s why Deutsche Telekom is very keen to show its support.

Tamas Kovacs, Marketing Communications Expert at Deutsche Telekom

It’s always inspiring to see how young people deal with the challenges we face every day and it was fantastic to be overwhelmed with the new, fresh and unexpected ideas the teams came up with. Working in the advertising industry, we realise it is crucial to retain the potential that we have witnessed here today.

Matthias Rech, Senior Planner at DDB Berlin

Ad Venture student competition

Ad Venture is the first Pan-European competition which gives students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in advertising by creating their own agency in response to a brief from a real client. The student agencies work on an advertising campaign from October to March by incorporating everything they’ve learned in class and putting their skills to test.

For this year’s competition students from across Europe were asked to create a campaign around the topic of ad blocking, which is causing many waves in the advertising industry and continues to be seen as a growing threat to publishers. The brief was to make internet users aware of how ad blocking technology restricts publishers’ ability to display high quality online content. The competition was run in collaboration with a consortium of European media associations covering television, press and digital.

Ad Venture 2016 Winning Team

Team: Aedion
Campaign: Your Web Vote
King's College London, UK

The experience of participating in a competition of this scale was both challenging and rewarding. The opportunity to not only meet some of the most esteemed names from the industry but also more importantly to pitch our ideas before them and receive elaborate feedback has been immensely valuable. Furthermore, it was quite enlightening and inspiring to see how other teams approached the same brief. Our biggest takeaway is definitely the ‘can-do’ attitude that this competition empowers you with, which has truly motivated us for the future!

Team Aedion

Ad Venture 2016 Finalists

and Ad Venture 2016 Runners Up

Team: Xense
Campaign: Penny
University of Leeds, UK

Team: What do you mean Agency
Pantheon University, France

Team: Fact+Fable
Campaign: Stay Content
Bournemouth University, UK

Team: The Four Marketeers
Campaign: Ad to Your Future
Aarhus University, Denmark

Team: 2x2
Campaign: Blackout Day
IADE University, Portugal

Team: nu
Campaign: Save Adgar the Unicorn
Werbe Akademie Wien, Austria

Team: Sugar High
Campaign: One Hour Without Ads
University of Leeds, UK

Team: Verdigris
Campaign: Please, it's on me!
University of Bucharest, Romania

Team: #102420
Campaign: Lights ONline
University of Bucharest, Romania

(appearance in no particular order)

Thesis Competition

The edcom Thesis Competition rewards the best Bachelor and Master theses on advertising or commercial communications among edcom member schools.

In the Bachelor's category Kirsten Van Beuzekom from Hogeschool Utrecht won the first prize with her work “An inspirational story: what marketers can learn from storytelling by sport brands”.

In the Master's category Yvonne Kolen from NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences won the first prize with her work “Interactive digital narratives and the narrative paradox.”

Who we are

The European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom) strives to promote excellence in commercial communications education and research.

Its aim is to establish a co-operation between academia and industry professionals, as well as facilitating cross-border education and exchange of students.

For students

edcom organises the Ad Venture Student Competition, the edcom Thesis Competition, the EACA International Advertising Summer School and a series of edTalks (webinars) on an annual basis.

For academics

edcom promotes excellence in commercial communications education and research and aims to bridge the gap between the European commercial communications sector and academic partners. It also facilitates European exchanges between academics and students.

edcom is composed of
50 academic members from 20 countries.

edcom – what’s in it for you?

For schools

Opportunity to create joint projects between schools

Find partners and receive assistance for EU funding applications

Staff members benefit from further training opportunities

For academics

Being exposed to new thinking and latest trends in commercial communications

Attend conferences and industry events with key experts and practitioners

Participate in interactive workshops and enjoy networking opportunities

For students

Benefit from training and network opportunities

Receive European recognition for their work through competitions

Access the AdForum creative library and WARC research database for free

President and Board

The institute is managed by a Board of academics and advertising professionals in collaboration with the edcom Secretariat.


Gresi Sanje

Istanbul Bilgi

University, TK


Yvonne Koert

Avans Hogeschool, NL

Monique Gerritsen


Nenad Bogdanovic

College of Agora, HR

Isabelle Van Tomme

Howest, BE

Alexandre Duarte


Cliff Van Wyck

Bournemouth University, UK

Agency Representatives

Jan Binar

McCann Prague, CZ

Micky Denehy

EACA School, UK

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edcom Secretariat

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Director of European Affairs


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