EPHEC’s main mission is to provide training for young adults in economic and technical fields. The courses can either be taken full-time (during the day) or part time (during the evening). Ephec offers bachelors in accounting, trade, law, e-business, marketing, electro-mechanical and computer technology.

Monique Gerritsen

Monique Gerritsen EPHEC Belgium

Monique Gerritsen holds a Masters in Economic Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain (KUL). She started her career in 1981 at the J. Walter Thompson communications agency. For 20 years she worked as Client Services Director and as a member of the Management team in several international communications agencies (JWT, Grey Worldwide, McCann Erickson and Young & Rubicam) and managed clients in different sectors on a national and an international level. Guest lecturer at the EPHEC since 1999, she started to teach in 2002 and helped to found the communication option in the Haute Ecole EPHEC’s Marketing section. Representing Ephec, she is an edcom Research Committee and Board member. Monique also has 8 years’ experience in direct search & recruitment and is since 2011 Co-President and Coordinator of the Belgian Commercial Film Producers Association. She also works as an HR consultant at HC Consulting (office), is a freelance communication consultant and has been a member of the EFFIE Awards’ Organisation Committee for 17 years.


Jean-Michel Gregoire

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