ISEG Marketing & Communications School focuses on marketing, advertising and communications and is based in 7 cities across France. The school aims to work closely together with companies and professionals to ensure that it adopts the most recent marketing and communications trends. Furthermore, ISEG Group comprises three business schools: (1) ISEG business school, (2) ISEG Marketing & Communication School and (3) ISEG Finance School.

After 5 years of intensive and interactive studies, our students become experts of the new marketing and of the new modes of communication between brands and consumers. Project-based teaching is the key method of our school (Projects weeks mark the year and allow rapid appropriation of concepts by students). Our school is very close to professionals in firms, communication agencies, media, web agencies, survey institutes, etc. These professionals are asked when developing some of our educational content (marketing brand management, communication management, digital management, event and PR management, digital luxury marketing and communication management, etc.). We also have an International program (preparing to marketing & communication jobs in international firms or abroad). Our school is based in 7 different french towns, corresponding to strong economic regions in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse). We belong to IONIS Education Group, the 1st group in higher education in France (25 000 students).

Valerie Dmitrovic

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Armelle Baidouri

After 8 years in media communications agencies, Armelle Baïdouri joined higher education in 2004 where she held management duties pedagogic. She obtained in 2013 a PhD in Sciences and Information Communication at the University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas on “Digital identity: lever Trademark innovation? “. She is now National Pedagogical Director of ISEG Marketing & Communication School (7 campuses in France, 2,000 students).


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