Sixth generation of European Advertising Certificate graduates honoured

250 young professionals in the European advertising industry have completed the 2017 European Advertising Certificate (EAC) exam with 93% achieving passes, continuing the success of previous years. 27 papers (12%) were awarded distinctions, which is 2% up on the percentage for last year.

After following a 30 hour online course, the 250 learners took a 3-hour written exam on 26 April 2017, organised in 20 countries across Europe. They answered 5 out of 10 questions in essay style in English about the following seven modules: Advertising and Communication in Context; Understanding Client Business; The Strategic Planner’s Toolkit; Client, Creative and Media Briefs; Understanding Media Channels; Creativity and Creative Development; and Effectiveness.

The Certificate provides students with a broad understanding of the advertising industry, offering them a comprehensive overview of industry practices and brand communication processes. It is the first pan-European qualification that builds on professional experiences while focusing on future careers. The programme was designed with a European audience in mind with help from the European Union Leonardo programme and is based on the proven IPA Foundation Certificate.

Participants taking the EAC exam in Brussels (2017)

The European Advertising Certificate is the first remote learning program produced by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) which aims to enhance the knowledge of young professionals, with at least two years of experience, so that they can perform their roles with confidence and expertise. The programme is available to EACA members for a fee of €250 per delegate. Non-members are also encouraged to participate.

According to EACA Director General, Dominic Lyle, the results of the 2017 edition of the EAC were extremely positive. “The EAC allows young professionals to take a deep dive into the world of advertising. Whether they are in media, planning, creative or client-facing roles, the EAC helps understand them understand each of those roles and how they interact. It teaches them about the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing industry. We are delighted with the 2017 edition results, which have shown an exceptional ability on the part of young professionals across Europe to understand the evolution of the advertising industry.”

Registrations for the next generation of EAC young professionals opens early next year, and the exam will take place in April 2018.

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D-Day for young advertising industry professionals

More than 250 young advertising industry professionals coming from 21 countries faced today D-Day to get the European Advertising Certificate (EAC). Industry professionals with less than three years of experience did this morning the offline exam to get the desired certificate. Only successful participants will be rewarded with it!

The EAC is an excellent opportunity for young professionals to improve their skill set and expand their knowledge of the commercial communications industry. Through engaging with the online learning programme, participants received a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the essentials of the advertising industry while perfecting their understanding of various brand communications processes.

2017 edition participants finished today a process that comprises of 30 hours of online learning, culminating in a 3 hour offline exam where they had to answer 5 out of 10 questions in essay style in English. The programme consisted of 7 key modules: Advertising and Communication in Context; Understanding Clients’ Business; the Strategic Planner’s Toolkit; Client, Creative and Media Briefs; Understanding Media Channels / Media Planning; Creativity and Creative Development and Effectiveness.

Based on the proven IPA Foundation Certificate, the programme was specifically developed for a European audience with the aid of the European Commission’s Leonardo programme. In 2016, a total of 1000 young professionals from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa undertook the exam in with a pass rate of 95%.

“The European Advertising Certificate course helped me to go back to the basics and acquire a solid and wider knowledge of the procedures and stakeholders involved in the working processes of both clients and agencies”, explained Nagore Mieres, Insights Executive at IPG Mediabrands in Spain and participant of the 2016 EAC edition.

The participants will know the results of the exam by mid-July 2017. All participants will be rewarded with a digital EAC certificate, and in some countries, there will be a festive ceremony to celebrate their success. Good luck to everyone!

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