Ad Venture Student Competition Winner 2018

Vienna, 18 May 2018: The Winner of the Ad Venture Student Competitions 2018 has been selected!

This year’s edition of the Ad Venture Student competition has come to an end an we are really happy to announce the winner: Team LINK from Ecole Supérieure de Publicité (France)! The team has convinced the third round jury with their campaign entitled “In the name of the refugees”.With this campaign, this team aims to give people the power to make a difference. They will be encouraging the target audience to give refugees their dignity back by helping the reclaim their names. All this combined with a great presentation, had the jury impressed.

The winning team, represented by Sabrina Neveu, Fanny Marello, Ksenia Skorik and Raphaël Mochi competed against 90 other teams from 13 countries answering a brief developed in collaboration with the client, Amnesty International, which campaigns for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all, using research and activism to shine a light on abuses.

The three finalists – Team Coquelicot (Pantheon University, France), Team LINK (Ecole Supérieure de Publicité,France) and Team The Oxymorons (Leeds Arts University, UK)– were selected during two initial judging rounds and were given the opportunity to present their campaign to the final jury and the edcom members during the edcom May meeting at the FH Wien University in Vienna, Austria.

The students from the winning team, were rewarded for their hard work with travel, accommodation and tickets to the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity which will take place in June 2018.

The final jury, chaired by Sandra Alvarez (Spark Foundry), is composed of Monique Gerritsen (EPHEC), Sieglinde Martin (FH Wien), Barry Ferguson (Carat UK), Istvan Simon (Mama said no) and client representatives Emily Nevins (Director of Campaigns) and Philip Doyle (Communications & Campaigns Director).

Registrations for the next Ad Venture Student Competition will open in autumn 2018.

Organised by European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom) and The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA), Ad Venture is the first Pan-European competition which gives students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in advertising by creating their own campaign in response to a brief from a real client.

For further information, please contact or visit the webpage of the competition.

A day with Hogeschool Utrecht in Brussels

On 11 January 2018, we had the great pleasure to spend a day with the students and lecturers form Hogeschool Utrecht in Brussels!

The day started with a visit to the European Parliament where the students had the opportunity to meet Dutch MEP Esther de Lange. Ms. de Lange gave the students an overview of how the European Union works and discussed some of nowadays’ most boiling topics, such as the Brexit and the long lasting effects of the banking crisis in 2008. The students showed a great interest in the subject matter and posed intuitive and diverse questions, which didn’t go unnoticed by Ms. de Lange.

As the day went by, the group moved to Erasmushogeschool Brussel, one of edcom’s Belgian members who showed their support by hosting their Dutch colleagues. Here, the scenario changed as students took the main stage by delivering their presentations as a final assignment, observed by a panel of lecturers as jury.

We were pleased to notice that the main subject of their work was finding a creative approach to driving people to take action and play a role in the current refugee crisis, a the topic offered by our own Ad Venture Student Competition in cooperation with Amnesty International.

Teams Marhaban, The Perception, Jacasamako and Better Together presented different interpretations and responses to the brief. All four approaches had a different take on the matter, all of them very intriguing and innovative.

We were impressed by the students’ empathy with the issue identified by Amnesty International and we could see that they made a great effort to create excellent projects. As they were presenting their creative ideas, we were pleased to see how Ad Venture had motivated these students to deliver the best of themselves.

The students from Hogeschool Utrecht succeeded to touch the audience and to make us realise that when it comes to the refugee crisis, we could be the key to change.

The edcom team would like to thank Hogeschool Utrecht for their visit and wish you, and all the other Ad Venture teams, the best of luck in the competition!


EACA celebrates 8th successful edition of the EACA International Advertising Summer School

During the week of 3th July 2017,  nearly 70 advertising and commercial communications students and young professionals from 16 countries took part in the 8th edition of the EACA International Advertising Summer School at the University of Creative Communication in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The attendees represented a mix of students in the field of commercial communications and young professionals working in media, creative and digital agencies. They were challenged to create a campaign in international, multidisciplinary teams for this year’s client McDonald’s, one of the world’s leading fast food companies. During the week, they also received workshops from leading advertising practitioners in mixed groups to gain an understanding of the advertising industry.

The client, in co-operation with creative agency DDB Prague, was looking for a campaign to turn McDonald’s restaurants into cool, trendy places for young people to be and eat at, therefore resulting in making the target audience share their experiences with their friends and online communities. The jury was also looking for a campaign that could capture a good sense of matching the price with emotional value to their products.

This year’s edition included two relevant changes compared to previous editions. Instead of having one group of Foundation students and Advanced students, participants were mixed and split into two groups. As a result, each team was composed of 4 to 5 young professionals and 1 to 2 students; creating an invaluable learning experience for students. Young professionals commented that they appreciated the sense of creativity and fresh wind the students brought into the teams. The second addition was a networking activity in which 6 participants had been asked to share a recent professional success that could be a meaningful and valuable experience to other participants to learn from.

At the end of the week, the 12 teams presented their ideas and campaigns to their peers and the jury, which consisted of Marek Hlavica (Asociace Komunikacnich Agentur (AKA), Jan Suda (McCann-Erickson Prague), Elena Chadzieva (McDonald’s), Ladislav Dolezal, (McDonald’s), Micky Denehy (EACA International Academy) and Dominic Lyle (EACA).

The winning team, Penguins, represented by Mirella Bektasevic (Switzerland), Tuur Goormans (Belgium), Tessa Gerwen (Netherlands), Sarah Dennehy (Ireland) and Michal Paulik (Czech Republic) impressed the jury with their campaign “The choice is yours”. Making a distinction between younger generations, team Penguins identified their target audience as centenials, namely boys and girls currently aged 15-18. Their idea was to fight bullying among teenagers in cooperation with Linka bezpečí, a local organisation which provides support for victims of bullying. By stepping inside a McDonald’s restaurant, consumers could make an active choice to help fight bullying among teenagers. Penguins presented a great insight, and delivered an inspiring campaign proposal based on the idea that young people have what it takes to make the right choice in their behaviour.

The jury also presented a second award to the team with the best presentation. Kasia Gluszak (Poland), Laura Berlingiere (Belgium), Jordan  Brudenell (UK), Nikola Bochová (Czeck Republic) and Torsten Grünert (Germany) from team Mc5 surprised the jury with an original presentation that demonstrated dedication and hard word as well as a contagious positivism and a great team spirit by presenting their ideas on a set of hand drawn boards, leaving an impression and a smile on the jurors’ faces.

All teams impressed the judging panel with their creative ideas, their vitality when delivering the pitches and their passion for the advertising industry in general.

The next EACA International Summer School will take place at the beginning of July 2018.

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For further information, please contact:

Pauline De Pelsmacker
Education and Training Manager
+32 2 740 07 18

European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA), brings together the advertising, media and sales promotions agencies across Europe, enabling international experience and issues to be shared and dealt with on a pan-European basis. It provides an important link between agencies, advertisers and the advertising media in Europe and around the world and participates closely in the setting of standards in many aspects of the business across Europe.

D-Day for young advertising industry professionals

More than 250 young advertising industry professionals coming from 21 countries faced today D-Day to get the European Advertising Certificate (EAC). Industry professionals with less than three years of experience did this morning the offline exam to get the desired certificate. Only successful participants will be rewarded with it!

The EAC is an excellent opportunity for young professionals to improve their skill set and expand their knowledge of the commercial communications industry. Through engaging with the online learning programme, participants received a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the essentials of the advertising industry while perfecting their understanding of various brand communications processes.

2017 edition participants finished today a process that comprises of 30 hours of online learning, culminating in a 3 hour offline exam where they had to answer 5 out of 10 questions in essay style in English. The programme consisted of 7 key modules: Advertising and Communication in Context; Understanding Clients’ Business; the Strategic Planner’s Toolkit; Client, Creative and Media Briefs; Understanding Media Channels / Media Planning; Creativity and Creative Development and Effectiveness.

Based on the proven IPA Foundation Certificate, the programme was specifically developed for a European audience with the aid of the European Commission’s Leonardo programme. In 2016, a total of 1000 young professionals from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa undertook the exam in with a pass rate of 95%.

“The European Advertising Certificate course helped me to go back to the basics and acquire a solid and wider knowledge of the procedures and stakeholders involved in the working processes of both clients and agencies”, explained Nagore Mieres, Insights Executive at IPG Mediabrands in Spain and participant of the 2016 EAC edition.

The participants will know the results of the exam by mid-July 2017. All participants will be rewarded with a digital EAC certificate, and in some countries, there will be a festive ceremony to celebrate their success. Good luck to everyone!

Please contact for more information about the 2018 edition

The die is cast!

During the last 6 months, 60 student teams from all over Europe have submitted their advertising campaigns, aiming to be the winners of the tenth edition of this Pan-European competition. The die is cast!

The judging process, to decide which campaigns will advance to the second round of the Ad Venture Student Competition 2017 edition, organised by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and its European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom), has started.

Students in the field of commercial communications were challenged to create a communications campaign to raise awareness of the progress for women´s human rights. However, despite the advances made in recent decades, gender equality is still not a reality. In this context, EACA, edcom and this year´s client, the European Women’s Lobby, wanted to cooperate together by asking students to create a campaign that aims to make European population aware of women´s movement history – or more correctly, #HERstory.

The jury, consisting of around 20 academics, 20 agency professionals and 20 client representatives will announce the top 10 campaigns on 11 April 2017. The 10 successful campaigns will then be judged in the second round by a panel of 6 jurors -2 academics, 2 agency professionals and 2 client representatives-, who will announce the last three finalists on 29 April. At both stages of the competition, campaigns will be scored based on the following criteria: proposed strategy, key consumer insight and creativity.

The three most successful teams will have the opportunity to present their campaign during the edcom Member’s Meeting on 19 May 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. In a 20 minutes exposition to a jury chair and the panel of 6 jurors, followed by 10 minutes of questions, teams will have to justify why they should be the winners of competition and be rewarded with the valuable experience of participating in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.