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Powered by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA), INSPIRE is an open-source catalogue of live and on-demand courses, talks, webinars and workshops tackling creativity, communication, advertising and even regulatory & highly technical issues.

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We believe in life-long learning, so whether you are a student, a young professional or a director, you are welcome to browse, register and attend the platform’s courses at your own pace.


Experts, speakers and agencies from all over the world can submit their courses – regardless if they are free or paid. Once submitted, the proposals are thoroughly checked by EACA’s Education committee.


The INSPIRE courses, workshops and events are rigorously curated by a team of communications experts within EACA

Agencies, experts and speakers from all over the world are welcome to submit their online/physical courses on the platform

The proposed courses and events cover topics from creativity and HR to media planning, procurement and production

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